Being involved into a human & charity project means a lot to me, it brings meaning to my activities. I want to see with my own eyes to be able to relay the message properly on what could be done in a simple way.

So, recently I went to Phayartaung Monastery and Charity Youth Development Centre in Myanmar. Most of the children are girls, I saw how hard they were studying. Day and night, they were trying to remember the lesson that they have learned.

Their English teacher Ms Juju (volunteer teacher) kindly allowed me to join her classes. She teaches English with simple methods by singing songs, storytelling, and watching movies so it’s easier for the children understand. Ms Juju managed to raise a crowdfund of SG $2000 within a month from her friends and family, with this amount she built small library.

Second country I flew to Siam reap, to visit a village called Prolet, about an hour away from the central area, where I was staying. Entering a bumpy road towards the village on a sunny day in company of Emmanuel (Mani) – founder of MMPower Foundation – who nicely allowed me to come along with him and his local trusted man Songhy.
A little bit of background… MMPower foundation’s project is providing 8 weeks of Computer skill course, free for the local school. The program started in Myanmar 2012. They saw the needs in IT skills and computer literacy development, this to enable Myanmar’s youth to secure better jobs and more prosperous future, which is align with our vision of $1school project.

The Best investment for children is education, and the legacy which we could pass on is that, with education they can be proud of themselves for their achievements , use their to help their family, community and their country.

Ideally the $1school project would be able to maintain consistent fund to the places I visited. With this we can help them to create local talents and to build their community. I believe in consistency in order to achieve sustainable progresses