Prolet – Siam Reap, Cambodia

Being involved into a human & charity project means a lot to me, it brings meaning to my activities. I want to see with my own eyes to be able to relay the message properly on what could be done in a simple way. This time I flew to Siam reap, to visit a village … Continue reading Prolet – Siam Reap, Cambodia


phayartaung monastery and charity youth development centre – Myanmar

2018 as only started and I was not expecting to travel more than last year. Somehow my heart tells me I want to do more to help others. So, recently I went to Phayartaung Monastery and Charity Youth Development Centre in Myanmar. Most of the children are girls, I saw how hard they were studying. Day … Continue reading phayartaung monastery and charity youth development centre – Myanmar

Thank you for your support

$1 school project purely base on donation to support education for children in the rural area which we visited at this point are Myanmar & Cambodia. will collect $1 per class fee to donate.  We are starting this program from April 2018. We are also collecting books/text books in good condition or new, members can simply bring it … Continue reading Thank you for your support